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  1. Provide as mush specific detail as possible so the Borough can identify the information. If additional sheets are required they must be attached to this document.

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    This Section is for Office Use Only.

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    Rules governing the use of the meetings rooms in the municipal building shall include but not be limited to the following: 1. Use of alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited. 2. Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the Municipal Building. 3. There shall be no serving of food or beverages. 4. Each group/person using the facility shall be financially responsible for any damages caused to the property or contents. 5. The room shall be returned to the same condition as it was found in including appropriate clean-up and restoration of chairs/tables to their configuration. The Borough Manager shall have the authority to promulgate additional rules and regulations. I have read and understand the rules and policies governing the use of the West Chester Municipal Building and as the responsible agent accept both personally and for my organization full liability for compliance with them, including financial responsibility. Furthermore, on behalf of my organization, I hereby release and hold harmless the Borough of West Chester from any and all claims for damages or injury relating to the requested use except those that are directly caused by negligence on the part of the Borough.

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