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Fugett Park


  1. Picnic Tables
  2. Playground

Playground Equipment

  • 4-Set Teeter
  • Dino Climber
  • Play Structure


Fugett Park is the former location of the Gay Street School. The school was built in 1894 for $25,000 and had a faculty of 7 teachers. The school housed students who were both white and African-American. During this period of time, segregation was still very prevalent in the community. In 1967, the school was renamed the Fugett School. Mr. Fugett was instrumental to the school because he was a teacher, principal, and very active in the NAACP.

The borough purchased the land from the school district for a sum of $280,000 dollars on June 24, 1977. Fugett Park is located in the back of the Municipal Building which was built in 1990.