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Mosquito Larvicide Dunk Pickup

  1. Larcviciding standing water is an important component of the Borough's WNV Abatement Action Plan. Please complete the below form to request free larvicide dunks for your property. You will be contacted to coordinate a pickup from Borough Hall (401 E. Gay St). 

    For more information on the larvicide dunks visit:

  2. Please let us know what day you are able to pick up from Borough Hall 
    (401 E. Gay Street - entering building from parking lot on north side).

  3. Waiver*

    I am aware, by receiving these dunks, that they are for use on my own private property, located within the West Chester Borough. I will not place these mosquito dunks on any other private or public property including but not limited to roads, parks, storm inlets and streams.

    I agree to utilize larvicide dunks in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, outlined on the product packaging. 

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