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Friends of Sustainable West Chester

  1. The Borough's Sustainable Advisory Committee (SAC) is a volunteer committee tasked with advising Borough Council on matters of sustainability, as well as increasing collaboration between Borough departments on issues regarding the economic vitality and environmental sustainability of West Chester Borough.

    The SAC established Friends of Sustainable West Chester consisting of non-voting members working to further sustainability initiatives in the Borough. The group serves three primary purposes:

    • Create issue-focused teams to supplement the SAC's work on key areas (e.g. energy, stormwater, recycling)
    • Broaden citizen awareness and involvement in Borough sustainability initiatives
    • Recruit future SAC leadership

    Efforts of each team are coordinated by a 2nd year SAC member. Activities will be limited to research, organization of events or initiatives, and volunteering time and resources.

    Membership is subject to SAC approval.
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