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Building & Housing

  1. Rental & Student Home Registration Form
  1. Tenant & Landlord Information Form

    A separate Occupancy Report must be completed for each rental property. Tenant list must be supplemented within (15) days of arrival of... More…

Human Relations Commission

  1. Contact Request

    Request for contact regarding possible incident.

Parking Services

  1. Handicapped Parking Permit
  2. Parking Permit Area Lifting Request

    Request limit for permit parking.

  1. Meter Bag Rental

    Request for Meter Bag Rental: Note: Meter Bags at construction sites are solely to be used by Company Vehicle’s needed for the job... More…

  2. Posting Request

    Posting Request

Public Forms

  1. Community Initiative Request

    The purpose of the Borough of West Chester’s Community Initiatives webpage is to promote postings, exhibits and displays of interest,... More…

Public Works

  1. Tree Permit Application

    To apply for a permit for tree removal, pruning, or planting or any other tree work. The tree removal contractor shall adhere to ANSI A... More…


  1. Friends of Sustainable West Chester

    The Borough's Sustainable Advisory Committee (SAC) is a volunteer committee tasked with advising Borough Council on matters of... More…

  2. Real Estate Certifications
  3. SPF - Appeal, Rebate & Credit Application

    Property owners making tangible efforts to reduce stormwater runoff may reduce their annual SPF assessments through the rebate and... More…

  1. Mosquito Larvicide Dunk Pickup

    Larcviciding standing water is an important component of the Borough's WNV Abatement Action Plan. Please complete the below form to... More…

  2. Single Use Plastic Ordinance Exemption Request

    Businesses may request a one-time, one year exemption from the Borough's 2019 Single Use Plastic Ban for consideration by the Borough's... More…

  3. Sustainable Storefronts