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Mosteller Park


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Grill
  3. Open Play Area
  4. Picnic Tables
  5. Playground

Playground Equipment

  • 1 Bay Tot Swing
  • 2 Bay Tot Swing
  • Kick Wall
  • Play Structure


The borough purchased the land for Mosteller Park from W.C. Homes, the builder who owned the land. W.C/ Homes also built the homes that are located adjacent to the park. This was the perfect area for homes and a
park in this industrial area. The industrial area was built because it was located by the railroad which was built in 1858. W.C. Homes, however, was unable to build on this section of land because it is located on a floodplain. The builder sold the land to the borough for a sum of $500 dollars on May 20, 1963. The park is 0.9 acres.