Why did I get this ticket when there wasn’t a “no parking” sign?
The Borough of West-Chester has numerous traffic and parking rules and regulations that are described in Chapter 104 of the
Borough of West-Chester (Ordinances) A great many of ordinances are considered to be common sense or courtesy. These are things that are ticketed offenses, even if there is no reminder present, such as a sign.

Note: The following is a list of the most common infraction issued throughout the Borough of West-Chester.

1. Too close to stop sign
2. Parked in an intersection
3. Parked in a crosswalk
4. 12” away from the curb
5. Blocking Driveway
6. Obstructing traffic
7. Parking on a sidewalk
8. Blocking Street or Alley
9. Parking in A handicap space without a permit
10. Not moving your vehicle on Street Sweeping Day where is posted
11. Parked at an expired or overtime meter
12. Parked out of meter space
13. Double parked
14. Parked School Zone or Bus Stand
15. Private property
16. Parked within 15’ of a Fire Hydrant
17. Parked against the flow of traffic
18. No Parking Permit Residential, student or leased lots
19. Posted no Parking Zone
20. No stop or Standing
21. Maximum Time Limit
22. No Parking Fire Zone
23. Posted Temporary No Parking

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8. Why did I get this ticket when there wasn’t a “no parking” sign?
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