Mar 20

Mayor Comitta's Farewell Note - March 15, 2017

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 4:54 PM by Christine McAllister

Below is an excerpt from Mayor Comitta's Farewell Address that was delivered following the West Chester Police Department Recognition Awards on March 15, 2017.  She wanted to share it with everyone:

"It has been a joy and an honor to be Mayor of the great Borough of West Chester!!  I extend my heartfelt thanks to the citizens of West Chester, members of Borough Council, Chief Scott Bohn, and the West Chester Police Department, all the Borough staff, West Chester University and West Chester Area School District leadership, and our businesses and non-profits.  When we put our heads together, West Chester has the power to find solutions that improve our community for all!!

I look forward to continuing our work together as your State Representative!"

Warm Regards,
Mayor Carolyn T. Comitta 

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Mar 16


Posted on March 16, 2017 at 4:16 PM by Christine McAllister

After eight years of outstanding service, Carolyn Comitta has resigned from her position as Mayor of the Borough of West Chester.  The resignation comes as a result of her new position as State Representative for Birmingham Township and District 156. Since her swearing in early January, 2017, she has served in the dual roles of State Representative and Mayor due to issues concerning the reorganization of the West Chester Police Department that she wanted to oversee and a number of projects that she hoped to see through to their conclusion.  Mayor Comitta stated that to leave with important tasks undone that her and the Police Chief, Scott Bohn, have worked on so diligently over the past seven years would put their progress at risk.

In her role as Mayor, Ms. Comitta has overseen Police Administration and has had an important part in recently promoting several officers and the interviewing/hiring of new officers.  Of great importance in her role as Mayor has been to hire excellent Police Officers to the West Chester Police Department, of which she is very proud. Mention the West Chester Police Department and her face immediately lights up with pride and admiration for the excellent job our officers do every day.

In her final speech during the March 15th West Chester Borough Council meeting, immediately following a Police Awards Ceremony recognizing several officers for outstanding service, she commented that what makes our great community thrive is the people that work so hard on so many levels and come together as one, for the benefit of all!  We need to continue to stay strong, no matter what diversity comes along or gets in our way.  Our strengths are who we are and what we can continue to accomplish together.

Mayor Comitta was presented a plaque by the West Chester Police Department thanking her for her outstanding service to the department and memorializing her "Mayor" badge that she wore proudly to every Council meeting and Borough gathering. As well, the plaque included a key with the Borough logo stamped on it that recognized Mayor Comitta as an important "key" to the success of the Police Department.

Mark Yoder, President of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce, also presented the Mayor with an award commending her as an "honorary" Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.  He stated his pleasure in working with Mayor Comitta for so many years and admiration for all that she has done throughout the Borough community.

Thank you, Mayor Comitta - "from the hearts and soul of the West Chester Police Department" and good luck in your new position.  You will be missed!!

Mayor with Plaque March 15 2017

Mayor with Officers March 15 2017

Mayor with Chamber President March 15 2017

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Feb 03


Posted on February 3, 2017 at 1:42 PM by Christine McAllister

2017 Promotions Mayor with Promoted Officers Resized Again


Pictured above (Left to Right - Back Row):  Chief Scott Bohn (white shirt), Lt. James Morehead (white shirt), Lt. Martin Deighan (white shirt), Mayor Carolyn Comitta (Center), Sgt. Josh Lee, Cpl. Brad Bergey, Cpl. Andrew McFarlane.

(Front Row - to the Right of Mayor Comitta):  Cpl. Christopher Craig; (Front Row - to the Left of Mayor Comitta): Sgt. James Gorman and (left of Sgt. Gorman) Sgt. Christopher Daly.

West Chester promoted eight Police officers during a Promotional Ceremony on Wednesday night, February 1, 2017, that took place at the Borough Municipal building on Gay Street.  Both West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta and West Chester Police Chief Scott L. Bohn were on hand to promote officers to the rank of Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Corporal.

Promotions were as follows:  To the rank of Lieutenant - Lt. Martin Deighan and Lt. James Morehead; to the rank of Sergeant - Sgt. Josh Lee, Sgt. James Gorman, and Sgt. Christopher Daly; to the rank of Corporal - Cpl. Christopher Craig, Cpl. Andrew McFarlane, and Cpl. Brad Bergey. 

Congratulations Officers!!  You make West Chester Proud!

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