Parking Services Ticket Disputes

The Parking Services Department acknowledges the need for an appeal process to dispute any tickets alleged to be incorrectly assigned as a violation. Before submitting a dispute, please read the following policy:


  • All Parking Service disputes must be submitted through the online portal.
  • All Parking Service disputes must be submitted within 7 days from the date of the original ticket. The office will respond within five (5) business days. If no response is received, email the Director of Parking Services. 
  • If a ticket appeal is denied, the requestor has the opportunity to appear before a judge in District Court. Please note, that this could incur the court costs in addition to the original ticket fine.

As a matter of policy, the following are not acceptable as grounds for appeal:

  • Another person was driving your vehicle
  • Conflicts or tardiness going to or returning from appointments
  • Failure to have an appropriate, sufficient amount of coins or alternate payment methods
  • Inability to find a valid parking space/ Unavailability of parking spaces
  • Lack of knowledge of the Borough’s parking regulations
  • Forgetfulness
  • Failure to display permit
  • Inability to see sign
  • Insufficient funding to pay ticket
  • Short parking duration

If your dispute is regarding a ticket written by a West Chester Police Officer, you may reach out to the Police Department (610-696-2700) to contact the WCPD directly. The Parking Services Department does not have the ability to manage disputes on tickets written by Police. Otherwise, you may need to resolve the issue in court.

If you would like to dispute a parking ticket, click here.