Join a WebEx Meeting by PC or Mobile


If you would like to attend a WebEx public meeting via your PC or mobile device please request access by sending a email message to and include the following information:

  1. The meeting(s) you are requesting to attend via WebEx
  2. Your name 
  3. Your home address  

We will then email you a direct link so that you can join the meeting through your PC or mobile device. 

You do not need to submit any request if you are attending by phone (and PIN#). This information can be found below.


By connecting to a virtual WebEx meeting you agree to the terms and conditions as described below.

Any disruption to a meeting will result in the abuser being immediately expelled. If the abuse is harassing, threatening or otherwise intended to disrupt the meeting, legal action may be taken against the abuser. 

It is not permitted to forward a email link to the meeting. 


Everyone should open the chat and participant window – especially if you may want to try and engage during the meeting. These options can be found in the circle buttons in the bottom middle of your WebEx screen. Click on each one to open and they should appear on the right panel of your WebEx application.

Borough Council will pause a few moments after each agenda item is discussed and ask anyone who would like to speak. You can either virtually raise your hand, which you can do by clicking your name in the participant panel or asking a question in the chat box.

If you are connected by phone you can unmute by selecting *6 and stating, “I have a question”. This will be the most challenging part of the virtual meeting so please be patient.

You can also chat a question about an item beforehand. When we get to that item, we will address the question.

If you are unmuted be sure to limit your background noise as this can become a distraction.