Electric Vehicle Charging

There are several convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging stations open to the public in the West Chester Borough. All stations cost $.50/hr (about 7.5 cents per kWh) in addition to parking fees, if applicable. Vehicles parked in designated EV spots must be plugged in at all times. 

  • Chestnut Street Garage - 14 E. Chestnut St.
    • 1 port - Users must pay standard garage parking fee
  • Borough Hall - 401 E. Gay St.
    • 2 ports - Reserved for municipal fleet between 8am and 5pm
  • Bicentennial Garage - 20 S. High St. - New in December 2019!
    • 2 ports - Users must pay standard garage parking fee 

EV operating costs are half that of traditional internal combustion energy vehicles, and emissions are 50-100% lower depending on the fuel mix of the energy used to create the electricity. West Chester Borough procures 100% wind energy through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs), and the Chestnut Street Garage is powered by on-site solar energy! 

All stations are Chargepoint Level 2 - 6.6 kW. Click here to check real-time availability.

EV Charging