Single Use Plastics

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In July 2019 Borough Council approved an ordinance banning single use plastic bags and straws in West Chester, effective July 2nd 2020. Enforcement of this ordinance was delayed by the Governor's covid-19 statewide Disaster Declaration of Mar 2020. 

Click here to read West Chester's Single Use Plastic ordinance.

Single-use materials are a momentary convenience that last a lifetime. Many plastics, even plant-based varieties, are not recyclable in curbside programs and do not biodegrade in landfills. Much of this waste instead slowly degrades into microplastics and enter our water, food, and air.

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How to Participate

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes - Choose 3 of 5

  • Use recyclable paper bags for takeout

  • No plastic straws - biodegradable option by request

  • No Styrofoam

  • No plastic takeout containers

  • 100% reusable wares for on-site dining

Retail - commit to all

  • Use recyclable paper bags

  • Encourage customers to BYO bags


  • Help address single-use waste in our community!

  • Save money on single-use items!

  • Get recognized for environmental leadership!

  • Attract eco-conscious customers!

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