West Chester Sustainable! Green Building Certification

A core responsibility entrusted to the Sustainable Advisory Committee (SAC) is to promote greener infrastructure and the use of sustainability best practices throughout the Borough. The SAC reviews all land development plans and makes suggestions for improvement to the owner and developer, who are ultimately responsible for the sustainability of the building. 

To encourage greater adoption of these practices and reward those builders that strive for and achieve green building excellence, the SAC developed a commercial Borough-based sustainable building certification program in 2017. 

The West Chester Sustainable! certification program recognizes developers who integrate sustainable features into new commercial developments and rehabilitation projects. Developers can achieve Green or Gold Certification by earning points in several categories of sustainability. Project teams pursuing alternative green building certifications (e.g. LEED) likely automatically qualify for West Chester's certification. 

The sustainable design features must go above and beyond existing requirements of the Borough Code. Developers are not awarded points for existing requirements. Certified projects will be recognized through a brief ceremony and/or press event and will receive a decal or plaque to be displayed in the front of the building. 

Click here for more info on the West Chester Sustainable! Green Building Certification program.
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