Most people begin the development process by talking to the staff of the Department of Building, Housing and Code Enforcement located in the Municipal Building, 401 E. Gay Street, 610-696-1773. This is where applications for building permits, electrical permits and plumbing permits originate and where zoning interpretations are made. The staff will work with you to help you understand the review process and help you determine up-front what requirements must be met to move through the approval process. It is important you be as specific as possible with all questions in order for the Department to give you the correct information. 

No construction can begin until a building permit has been issued.

Effective April 20, 2004 the Borough is in compliance and enforcing Act #45, the Uniform Construction Code of Pennsylvania.



Any outdoor signage for your business must be issued a sign permit. To apply for a permit, stop by the Department of Building, Housing and Code Enforcement.

You will need the following:

  1. letter of permission from the owner;
  2. indication on plan of all existing and proposed signs;
  3. computation of the following:
  • sign area of each existing and proposed sign;
  • sign area, height, and setback of each existing and proposed free-standing sign;
  1. sketch of the proposed sign(s) indicating dimensions, materials, source of illumination (if any), and construction method.


Restaurants may apply for an outdoor seating permit issued by the Department of Building, Housing and Code Enforcement in accordance with Chapter 90A.