Stream Protection Fee Program

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The Stream Protection Fee (SPF) Program is a way of raising revenue for the service the Borough provides to manage the pollution and associated stormwater effects from impervious surfaces. This fee is charged to everyone – including the nonprofits and government owned properties in our town – and every property owner is charged the same way. The fee is based on the amount of paved and impervious surfaces on your property, with more impervious properties paying more money and smaller properties paying less. Every property contributes to water pollution based on the amount of impervious surfaces on their land. Called impervious surfaces, these rooftops and paved areas, such as parking areas, driveways, sidewalks, and patios do not allow water to pass directly through and instead cause water to run-off towards the nearest inlet or stream/creek.

The money raised from this fee can only be used to fund stormwater related improvements and projects. These projects are not only important for clean water, public safety and stream protection, but are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as part of the Borough's stormwater permit. Stormwater projects that will be funded include: Repairs to stormwater infrastructure such as pipes, inlets, and outfalls; Operations and maintenance activities such as street sweeping and inlet cleaning which are crucial in keeping the stormwater system functioning properly; Projects that will help meet Federal and State requirements and will make our community a healthier and greener place to live.

If you have any questions, please send an email. A “Frequently Asked Questions” (PDF) FAQ document is also available to help convey the important points of the project.

How can I reduce my SPF fee? Under the SPF Incentive Program, the Borough will provide a rebate and/or a credit for property owners who build and maintain qualified stormwater management practices.

What if I do not think my Stream Protection Fee charge is correct?
A property owner can file an appeal if they disagree with the charge, either regarding the measurement of impervious area or their assigned Tier category. Review the SPF Appeals Manual (PDF) for more information on appeals.

Stormwater Management for Small Projects

If you are a homeowner who will be working going on a small project and you want to learn more about the stormwater implications check out the informational document, "Stormwater Management for Small Projects" (PDF). To view a map of the impervious area data, used to establish billing information for properties in the Borough, view this link.

Remittance address to be used beginning with the 2020 Billing season is:

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Stream Protection Fee


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