Handicap Parking - Street Handicapped Space Policy

In accordance with the Pennsylvania state law regarding accessible parking for people with disabilities, West Chester Parking services department recognizes that residents have a need for off-street handicapped spaces. While a reserved residential parking sign improves the chances that a person with disability will be able to park near his/her home, it does not guarantee a space. The reserved residential parking sign does not designate the space for the exclusive use of the person who lives there.

If there are circumstances on your block that have changed and there is no longer a need for a handicapped sign, please contact the Parking Department at 610-696-4521.

  1. The Online Request Form must be submitted to the parking department with a copy of the handicapped placard ID, driver’s license and registration.
  2. In reviewing the Handicapped space need, the Parking department will survey the area requested, determine how many other handicapped spaces are on the block and whether those spaces are used consistently.
  3. Once the request has been received and a survey completed, the matter is brought in front of the Parking Committee for review.
  4. In reviewing the request, the committee will take into consideration the impact on traffic flow, impact on the neighbors (in the case where there are multiple handicapped signs in a block), and whether there is reasonable accessibility to parking for all residents.
  5. Once a request has passed through the Parking Committee, it will be presented to full Borough Council for review. If it passes through Borough Council than an ordinance is written and a public hearing scheduled. Once that process is completed, the Public Works Department will install the sign.
  6. A spreadsheet is maintained with all Handicapped spaces and is updated with all additions and removals. Every two years, a letter will be sent to each address that contains a handicapped sign in front. The homeowner/business must present the above documentation to the Parking Department to ensure that the space is still needed and relevant.
  7. If a resident does not supply the proper documentation or there is no longer a need for the Handicapped Space, the space may be taken down.