Booting Policy

Policy Statement and Ordinance as follows:

A motor vehicle found parked within the Borough upon and public street or public property, at any time, may, by or under the direction of the Borough’s Parking Department or any officer of the Borough Police Department, be booted if there are five or more outstanding parking citations or one or more arrest warrants as a result of outstanding parking citations pending against the owner of the motor vehicle. Any public property may be enforced including all Borough owned garages and lots.

After the motor vehicle has been booted, the Borough shall place or cause to be placed on the vehicle, in a conspicuous manner, notice sufficient to warn any individual that the vehicle has been immobilized, and that any attempt to move the vehicle might result in damage to the vehicle. The notice shall also outline the procedure for obtaining removal of the boot. As soon as practicable, the Borough shall provide the owner of the booted vehicle, at his request, with a list of the prior outstanding parking citations or warrants for which, or on account which, the vehicle was booted. Any public property may be enforced including all Borough owned garages and lots.

Conditions and Terms to be booted:

If a vehicle has (1) or more outstanding parking warrants or (5) or more outstanding parking tickets, the vehicle is eligible to be booted.

If the tickets are written five days consecutively, the Manager will investigate thoroughly prior to booting the vehicle.

If a vehicle has come up as a “hit” and has at least (1) warrant, the booting staff will verify the number of warrants and from which court the warrant(s) is issued and then contact court to ensure that there is no payment plan or that the owner has not paid.

The warrant clerk/officer will contact the parking services manager for approval to boot the vehicle.

When a vehicle is booted, a vehicle survey is completed, pictures taken and a notice placed on the driver’s side window alerting the driver of the boot.

If a person is in the vehicle, he or she will be given the information regarding the infractions and what he/she must do to avoid being booted.

Once a vehicle is booted, a $100 fine is assessed in addition to any outstanding parking tickets. All tickets must be paid in full and all warrants must be satisfied at court; proof that the warrants are satisfied must be given to the parking department prior to the boot being removed.

If a vehicle that has been booted does not respond to the fine within 48hrs that vehicle will be towed to West End Towing. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all fees, warrants, tickets and a $75.00 towing charge and any other applicable fees (charged by West End). The owner must come to the Parking Department with proof of having satisfied court matters and pay fees at the Borough and will then be given a certified release form to give to West End Towing in order to have his/her boot released.

The following payment methods are accepted to have a boot released: Money Order, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash. No personal checks are accepted.

An owner whose vehicle has been booted can request an appeal and schedule a meeting with the Director within 48 hours of the vehicle being booted (prior to the vehicle being towed to West End). The boot will remain on the vehicle during the appeal process.