Voting Wards

The voting locations based on what ward you live in are listed. If you do not know which ward you are in view the "West Chester Voting Wards Map" to find your voting ward:

Ward 1: Mary Taylor House
Community Room
326 N Walnut Street
William Scott

Ward 2E: West Chester Community Center
Charles A. Melton Center - 501 E. Miner Street
Nick Allen

Ward 2W: West Chester Borough Hall
401 E. Gay Street
Nick Allen

Ward 3: Reformed Presbyterian Church
312 W Union Street
Michael Galey

Ward 4: Public Works Building
205 Lacey Street
Michael Stefano

Ward 5: Lawrence Dining Hall - WCU
700 S New Street
Don Braceland

Ward 6: 1st Presbyterian Church
130 W Miner Street
Bernie Flynn

Ward 7: West Chester Library
415 N Church Street
Denise Polk

Voting Wards