Wastewater Department

About the Department

The department is comprised of 2 treatment plants and 4 pumping stations is owned and operated by the Borough of West Chester. The department has an annual, total budget of approximately $4.5 million dollars. The Borough of West Chester owns over $30 million worth of physical structures and mechanical equipment that make up the Wastewater Department.

The primary responsibility of the staff is to serve the residents of West Chester and East Bradford Township through effective operating techniques and to ensure that the stringent parameters and permits are met or exceeded.

The department employs 16 personnel pursuing many different specialized jobs at the 2 plants. The system is monitored and maintained by:

  • Compliance Officer
  • Certified operators
  • Lab technicians
  • Maintenance crews
  • Superintendents

About the Plants

The infrastructure is divided into 2 collection basins served by the Goose Creek and Taylor Run treatment plants. The breakdown of sewage is biologically accomplished by different methods at each plant, but the processes are ultimately very efficient and benign to the receiving streams. After passing through the several biological and oxidation processes at the 2 plants, the disinfected, "polished" effluent is dechlorinated by chemical means before discharge to the streams.

Goose Creek Plant

The Goose Creek plant operates in a secondary mode using activated sludge with nitrification stage for ammonia removal and has an annual average capacity of 1.672 million gallons per day.

Taylor Run Plant

The Taylor Run plant operates in a secondary mode with rotating biological contractors for BOD and ammonia removal and has an annual average capacity of 1.50 million gallons per day.

Facilities Tour

Interested citizens desiring additional information or a tour of the facilities are welcome to inquire by calling 610-696-2320 or 610-436-1369 during the week between 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. In-depth discussions may be pursued at that time for the public's increased awareness of this important subject.