Street Lights

Lighting the City

The Borough of West Chester owns, operates, and maintains over 1,000 street lights in the borough, which were originally purchased from PECO Energy in 1995. Since that time many lights have been added, replaced, or upgraded.

About the Lights

Most street lights are efficient high-pressure sodium fixtures. Some recent upgrades have included state-of-the-art LED fixtures which produce far brighter illumination while using only a fraction of the energy used to power a conventional street light.

Malfunctioning Street Lights

Residents are asked to report malfunctioning street lights to the Public Works Department. The malfunctioning street light will be reported to the borough's street light maintenance contractor for repairs. Please include the:

  • Address of the nearest property
  • Utility pole number if it is visible (usually a small metal plate fastened at eye-height on the street side of the pole)