Yard Waste Collection


April - November Collection Dates

The Borough will provide both a Friday and a Monday collection for branches and yard waste each month, for each quadrant April through November.

December - March Collection Dates

The Borough will provide one (1) collection for each quadrant on Fridays only from December through March.


Quadrant Collection Schedule

QuadrantFriday ScheduleMonday Schedule
Northwest1st Friday3rd Monday
Northeast2nd Friday4th Monday
Southwest3rd Friday1st Monday
Southeast4th Friday2nd Monday

Collection Regulations

  • Collection will include bundled branches and yard waste only.
  • Branches and yard waste must be tied with biodegradable twine (cotton or hemp) into manageable bundles no longer than 4 feet or placed in biodegradable paper bags.
  • No plastic bags or yard waste in cans will be collected.
  • Branches thicker than 4 inches will not be collected.
  • Loose, improperly contained yard waste will not be collected.
  • No yard waste may be placed or left to accumulate upon Borough streets, except during the designated leaf collection schedule.
  • Yard waste must be separated from your refuse for collection at your regular trash & recycling collection point.
  • Yard waste must be placed out for collection at your regular trash & recycling collection point no later than 7am of your designated yard waste collection day and no earlier than 6pm of the day preceding your collection day.

Drop Off Collection Site

The Public Works Department Yard Waste Drop Off is located at:

Yard Waste Dropoff will be closed indefinitely!

 Hours of Operation

The drop off site will be open the second and third Wednesday of each
month from 7am-3pm and the fourth Saturday of each month from 8am-
from April through November. The drop off site will be closed
December through March.


Drop-off sites are available for borough residents only. Residents must
show proof of residency to the site attendant. No plastic bags are available.
No contractors are permitted at the drop-off site.

Materials accepted at the drop off are as follows:


  • Grass clippings
  • Leaf waste
  • Loose yard waste
  • Tree branches cut 4 feet or shorter; no thicker than 4 inches diameter
  • Yard waste in biodegradable bags


  • Plastic bags
  • Stumps
  • Dirt
  • Stones
  • Root balls
  • Food Waste
  • Bamboo
  • Straw
  • Hay

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas tree collection occurs the first 2 weeks following New Year’s Day. Please remove all lights and decorations from your tree and place it out at your trash & recycling collection point. Trees placed out in plastic bags will not be collected.

Shrubbery & Tree Branches

Shrubbery and tree branches up to 8 inches in diameter or 8 feet in length may be taken to the Lanchester Landfill in Honey Brook for composting or shredding. There is a charge for this. Lanchester Landfill will not accept root balls, dirt, or stones. Please call the landfill at 610-273-3771 for more information.