Snow Storms & Parking

Snow Emergencies

In the event of a major snowstorm, or when such a storm is forecast, the mayor may declare a snow emergency. According to Borough Ordinances, a snow emergency is declared when a snow accumulation of 6 inches or more is expected, or when extremely hazardous conditions exist, such as an ice storm.


The declaration of a snow emergency prior to a storm allows the borough to notify the local media and to warn residents to remove their cars from parking spaces on Snow Emergency Routes (PDF) to allow the Public Works Department to clear the street completely back to the curb. Residents are encouraged to use the municipal parking facilities during snow emergencies. Parking charges are waived at all surface parking lots and Borough parking garages (Chestnut Street and Bicentennial garages) during the snow emergency. Parking is once again permitted on Snow Emergency Routes only after the snowfall has stopped, the plowing operation is complete, and the mayor has lifted the snow emergency.

Prohibited Parking

Borough Ordinances also automatically prohibit parking along selected blocks of the Snow Emergency Route system, when snow accumulation reaches 4 inches. These prohibited parking areas are:

  • Church Street: west side, from Virginia Avenue to Rosedale Avenue
  • Walnut Street: east side, from Rosedale Avenue to Virginia Avenue
  • W. Miner Street: north side, from High Street to Brandywine Street

Residential Parking

Residents who live along these blocks should be alert for signs saying "Snow Emergency Route - No parking when snow is 4 inches deep." With this automatic parking restriction in place residents along these blocks will not be dependent upon the news media or calls to the borough to learn the status of a Snow Emergency. If there is an accumulation of 4 inches of snow or greater, vehicles must quickly be removed from these designated streets. In turn, these streets will quickly receive attention by snowplows and will be opened up first, allowing residents to return and park immediately after the borough has plowed back to the curb.

Residents are reminded to pay close attention to all parking restrictions which may exist on your street. On the days following a snow storm, the Public Works Department follows along the Street Sweeper Routes, either 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on selected days, or 2 a.m. - 5 a.m. on other days. The street sweeper clears out all available parking spaces. The clearing of parking spaces in the residential areas is a very important part of the snow removal operation. We urge residents to cooperate and to remove their cars from the restricted parking areas, as the clearing of snow back to the curb is nearly impossible with the presence of illegally parked cars.

Residents are also encouraged to get together following a snow storm to clear a side of the street of parked vehicles and then call the Public Works Department at 610- 696-5282. A truck will be dispatched to clear that curb lane and residents can then return their vehicles.