Borough of West Chester - Ministry of Bells


A Personal Reflection

The Salvation Army's "Ministry of Bells" will always hold a very special meaning to me. I first volunteered to get involved at least 20 years ago when Chief John Green asked me to "help out". At that time my boys were about 7 and 4 years of age. From that very first time until recently I took two hours and "rang the bell" with my boys which officially opened the Christmas season for us. I have been managing our "Ministry of Bells" schedule since that very first year and it remains one of the favorite days of my holiday season.

My boys are now 28 and 24 and although I still try to get them to volunteer and help out their dad they are usually "too busy" these days, or just can't get off from work. I understand they are in their mid 20's. I was young once myself.  However I will always have all those special memories of me and my boys standing in front of ACME or K-MART, in all types of weather with hot chocolate and greeting holiday shoppers while we helped out those in need.

Maybe this year one or both of my boys will help me!

-William Mann (Proud Volunteer)

This year the Borough of West Chester staff will be "ringing the bells" for the Salvation Army in front of the ACME and KMART stores at the West Goshen Shopping Center on December 14, 2015 between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Please stop by to help us, help those less fortunate this holiday season.  
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