1. RAMP

    The Responsible Alcohol Management Program certification was created in 2001 as a voluntary program that provides incentives for licensees who participate.

  2. Business Improvement District

    See the purpose of the West Chester Business Improvement District.

  3. BID Authority Board

    View Authority Board meeting information.

  4. HARB Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF)

    Access the HARB Certificate of Appropriateness Application (PDF).

  5. Historic District Design Guidelines

    View the entire Historic District Design Guidelines document or see it broken down into chapters.

  6. Historic Preservation Plan (PDF)

    View the Historic Preservation Plan document for research purposes.

  7. Historic Town Center Inventory

    View the individual sections that make up the complete Historic Town Center Inventory document.

  8. Urban Center Revitalization Plan (PDF)

    Read through the Urban Center Revitalization Plan (PDF) to learn more about the topics is covers.

  9. Resource Directory

  10. Right to Know Request

  11. Zoning Maps

    View various Borough of West Chester zoning maps to assist you with your needs.

  12. West Chester Railroad