Learn About...

  1. Chamber of Commerce

    Access the Borough of West Chester Chamber of Commerce online resource.

  2. Composting

    Discover the benefits of composting and read about the Table-Scrap Collection Project that encourages restaurants to cut down on their waste by composting. Composting

  3. Energy Efficiency - What Can You Do Now?

    Find out what steps you can take immediately to begin making a positive environmental impact.

  4. Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives

    Find out what type of tax incentives, grants, low-interest loans, and other attractive options exist for those planning energy efficiency and alternative-energy projects.

  5. Local Emissions Inventory

    See a detailed carbon emissions inventory for the whole Delaware Valley, including West Chester Borough.

  6. Recycling

    Read about recycling in the Borough of West Chester including upcoming shredding events, recycling calendars, and special types of recycling.

  7. Residential Permit Parking Program

    Learn more about the Residential Permit Parking Program and how you can participate.

  8. Say No to Styrofoam Campaign

    Read about the program that was developed that promotes the use of compostable containers in West Chester.

  9. Share the Road Campaign

    Access details about the Share the Road Campaign that was launched by BLUER in May of 2014.

  10. Snow & Ice Removal

    Learn about the snow and ice removal plans for the Borough of West Chester.

  11. Street Maintenance

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Public Works Department to maintain the borough streets.