Initiating the Program

Creating BLUER
Read about the start of BLUER including the borough following the road map of of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) / Local Governments for Sustainability and participating in their Cities for Climate Protection Campaign.

Read the the full Daily Local News article (PDF) that reviews how the council was urged to reduce greenhouse gases and related committee recommendations.

2005 GHG Emissions Inventory

May 2008: BLUER completed the first milestone of the 5-step ICLEI Climate Protection Plan: A borough wide greenhouse gas inventory. We chose a baseline year of 2005. While this inventory took us approximately a year to complete, it was very worthwhile. It tells us where our emissions are coming from, and it will help us understand what we need to do to reduce our emissions.

In 2005, we estimate that we emitted 221,583 tons of CO2 into the air! See charts of the aggregated inventory for more information.

A 10% Reduction in Greenhouse-Gas Emissions by 2015
Borough Council approved the goal of the BLUER Committee to reduce the overall greenhouse-gas emissions within the borough by at least 10% below the baseline inventory of 2005 by the year 2015.

Climate Action Plan (CAP)
2008: The BLUER Committee worked tirelessly on building a plan to achieve our goals of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing emissions that have lead to global climate change. We reviewed guidelines from ICLEI and plans already adopted by other communities around the country and world. David Ward, our representative from Chester County, took the lead on this project and was instrumental in pulling it all together and making it read like a comprehensive plan (even if just a first step) and not like a document written by a committee.

Download the full Climate Action Plan (PDF) for more information.

CAP Phase I

April 2009: West Chester Borough Council approved BLUER's Climate Action Plan - Phase I. The plan is an evolving document that fleshes out the specific initiatives that BLUER and the Borough Council will be working on over the next year and puts them in the context of the other short, medium, and long term projects.

Find a complete explanation of the CAP and a list of the first 10 recommended actions and read the Daily Local article (PDF) describing the April vote.